SAP PowerDesigner

Metadata Matters Limited provides unrivalled expertise in SAP PowerDesigner.

We enable organisations to move “from selection to effective”, by providing a blend of consultancy, training, and pre-built PowerDesigner resources.

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Here’s a sample of feedback from previous customers

“I found it extremely useful and became aware of a lot more functionality that I was not aware of around how Excel can be utilised within PowerDesigner.  This will apply directly to the work that we are doing as it will allow us to get stakeholders to populate Excel templates that our data modeling team can then develop into actual PowerDesigner data models.”

A customer in Canada, writing about the online training for the Excel Import Wizard

“The instructor is very knowledgeable”
“Very professional teaching material”
International Bank, Luxembourg

“exactly what was needed”
Investment House, London, England

“George is clearly an expert in PowerDesigner.  I would recommend this course as very useful in giving an understanding of the capabilities of the tool and the different ways of implementing data modelling governance processes in PowerDesigner.”
Insurance Company, Edinburgh, Scotland

“George came to ENTSO-E for a few days in May 2012, and did an excellent job to present and explain the capabilities of PowerDesigner to us. He has developed his course material in a well organized way, and presents this material very clearly. We will refer back to his material very often, as we have plans to fully exploit PowerDesigner for our Data Architecture (Conceptual/Logical/Physical Data Models), and will also work with other diagrams as our projects evolve. We still have plenty of work to do in PowerDesigner, and if we need additional support, we would not hesitate to hire George in the future, we can highly recommend him”
Peter Campbell, ENTSO-E, Brussels, Belgium

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