Submit your #PowerDesigner enhancements via #ISUG, then we can all vote on them

The Independent SAP Technical User Group is an independent association that represents and supports thousands of technical users of SAP products in more than sixty countries around the world. They have re-opened their PowerDesigner enhancement forum, which allows you to submit and VOTE FOR enhancements to PowerDesigner. This is the place to submit them if you want your request to be visible, and you want to get other users to back you up.

Follow this link to get to the forum – (ISUG members only, I think)

#PowerDesigner SIG to be held at Data Modelling Zone in Hanover in September #DMZ13

Following on from our successful PowerDesigner meeting in London this week, we’re please to announce another, at Steve Hoberman’s Data Modelling Zone conference in Hanover, Germany, in September. It’s so new, it’s not on the agenda yet – see

Please contact me if there are any PowerDesigner topics you want to hear or speak about.

Interested in attending a #PowerDesigner session hosted by the UK Sybase User Group (UKSUG)?

There is no real PD community in the UK (perhaps in Europe?), which I think is a real shame. We all need to share our experiences with and knowledge of the tool, and have our chance to talk to SAP’s own experts face-to-face. I’ve hosted a couple of these sessions at conferences in the US, and we never run out of things to talk about. 🙂

The UK Sybase User Group (UKSUG) are considering hosting a Special Interest Group for PD, probably in London. If we can, I’d like to get Matt Creason (from SAP) to demonstrate the new features of PD16.5 to us. I’d like to see the new Business Objects integration and the XML modelling improvements – what would you like to see?

If you’re interested in attending such a session, please email myself and Sandra Devaney at UKSUG;:
George McGeachie – George.mcgeachie(at)
Sandra Devaney – Sandra(at)

Please let us know
* if you have any preferences for timing or location
* which PD topics you want SAP to talk about
* which PD topics you would like to discuss with the rest of us