How to display the ‘missing’ toolbars in PowerDesigner 16.1

I’ve started working with the new release of PowerDesigner, and almost immediately I realised that something was missing, the Layout toolbar, which I use to help make my diagrams more readable. The alignment commands are available from the Symbol menu, but I prefer to use the toolbar. I raised this with Sybase – the toolbar is still there, just hidden away.

the Layout Toolbar

Sybase decided to make several toolbars optional in PowerDesigner 16.1. By default, the Layout, Check, Format, Window and Repository toolbars are not visible; they do not appear in the list of available toolbars. You need to use one of the customisation features of PowerDesigner to enable these missing toolbars.

On the Tools menu, select Customize Menus and Tools, select the Toolbars tab, click on the word Toolbars, then click on Add Command and select the toolbar you want to use. Repeat this action for each toolbar you want to enable.