Looking for PowerDesigner Training or expertise?

PD WorkspaceDo you know how to get the most benefit from your chosen modelling tool, PowerDesigner? How well do you understand what the tool is capable of?

Most professional data modelling tools support the following:

  • Logical Data Models and Physical Data Models
  • Round-trip engineering
  • Multiple diagrams per model
  • Extended (user-defined) properties
  • Model Generation and Synchronisation
  • Model Validation
  • Reporting

Only PowerDesigner provides you with all of these extra features:

  • Conceptual Data Models, with stand-alone Data Items
  • A shared, active,  Glossary of Terms
  • A Library of shared models, pushed out to all repository users
  • A dedicated hierarchical model for managing XML
  • Business Rules and Requirements Management, providing traceability to any item on any model
  • Data Movement modelling
  • Enterprise Architecture modelling
  • Business Process modelling
  • Live Impact Analysis models
  • Impact Analysis can be started on the desktop, and extended into models in the repository
  • The ability to edit the comments, descriptions, and annotations of objects directly in the PowerDesigner web Portal
  • The ability to link any object in any model to any other object in any other model, if that’s what you want to do
  • Source to Target model mappings
  • The ability to trace dependencies between models and objects in the desktop
  • The ability to create your own Dependency Matrices
  • The ability to extend the capabilities of the tool, and the underlying meta-model, in such a way that the customisations look like they were always there

As the author of “Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner”, I am in a unique position to provide your organisation with the insights and knowledge you need to understand what you’ve bought, and how to make best use of it.

I can deliver off-the-shelf PowerDesigner training in the tool’s capabilities, as well as training geared towards data modellers and data architects, which can be tailored to suit your environment if you choose. If you need training geared towards other users of PowerDesigner, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Click here to find out more about the off-the-shelf training course for data modellers

Click here to contact me about training

Here’s a sample of feedback from previous customers

“exactly what was needed”
Investment House, London, England

“George is clearly an expert in PowerDesigner.  I would recommend this course as very useful in giving an understanding of the capabilities of the tool and the different ways of implementing data modelling governance processes in PowerDesigner.”
Insurance Company, Edinburgh, Scotland

“George came to ENTSO-E for a few days in May 2012, and did an excellent job to present and explain the capabilities of PowerDesigner to us. He has developed his course material in a well organized way, and presents this material very clearly. We will refer back to his material very often, as we have plans to fully exploit PowerDesigner for our Data Architecture (Conceptual/Logical/Physical Data Models), and will also work with other diagrams as our projects evolve. We still have plenty of work to do in PowerDesigner, and if we need additional support, we would not hesitate to hire George in the future, we can highly recommend him”
Peter Campbell, ENTSO-E, Brussels, Belgium


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