Don’t underestimate what your modelling tool can do for you – an old tale of #PowerDesigner

One of the key IT systems for any insurance broker will be the Quotations system, where they record details of all of the insurance companies they represent, the types of risk they might cover, all their customers, all the risks the customers would like to have covered, all the possible questions they could ask them to assess risk, all the answers they received, and the resulting quotes. In a commercial insurance broker, those quotations could be very large and complicated.

What happened when they decide to model a new database and the mappings? Click here to find out.

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In my first post and second post on the topic of Entity Inheritance hierarchies I showed ways in which the customisation features of PowerDesigner are useful when dealing with them.

If managing complex hierarchies is one of your modelling concerns (for example, if you’re using the FIBO CDM or LDM), help is at hand. A model extension is available from Metadata Matters that provides a set of useful new properties (known in PowerDesigner as Extended Attributes) to help you manage your hierarchies, as well as the menu options to ensure that they stay up to date. Click here to find out more.

The first online PowerDesigner training course is available from Metadata Matters. The course is called Using the Excel Import Wizard. The course is based on a workshop I ran at a conference a few years ago – it’s about the Excel Import wizard, a feature that I know a lot of people use, and some people have problems with. A Canadian customer says that the course easily justifies the cost –

I found it extremely useful and became aware of a lot more functionality that I was not aware of around how Excel can be utilised within PowerDesigner

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