Using the Excel Import Wizard

PowerDesigner’s built-in ability to import metadata from Excel files is unmatched  by other mainstream data modelling tools. No scripting skills are required — the Excel import is aware of the underlying metamodel for the model you’re creating or updating, and suggests likely targets for your content (based on the Excel sheet and column names).


Course Topics

    • How to trigger the Excel Import wizard
    • How to create or update a model using the Excel Import wizard
    • The Excel conventions that make your life simpler
    • How to change the way the Excel Import behaves, using the Import Options
    • Importing non-standard content
    • Best practices for using Excel export and import to ‘round-trip’ content
    • How to deal with Special Cases, such as importing data types or lists of values or package hierarchies
    • The ‘gotchas’ to look out for
    • What to do if your Excel file changes

Watch the Excel Import create and draw a complete data model.

Contact to book your place.

See a free preview of the content at www.PowerDesigner.Training

  • click on Log In in the top-right corner
  • click on Log in as a guest
  • On the Home page pick the course called Sample material from “Using the Excel Import Wizard” from the list of courses. Follow the instructions to log in as a Guest

A customer in Canada says that the course easily justifies the cost

“I found it extremely useful and became aware of a lot more functionality that I was not aware of around how Excel can be utilised within PowerDesigner.  This will apply directly to the work that we are doing as it will allow us to get stakeholders to populate Excel templates that our data modeling team can then develop into actual PowerDesigner data models.”

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