Metadata Archipelago

In October 2007, Gartner identified Metadata Management as one of the “Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008”:

Through 2010, organizations implementing both customer data integration and product integration and product information management will link these master data management initiatives as part of an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. Metadata management is a critical part of a company’s information infrastructure. It enables optimization, abstraction and semantic reconciliation of metadata to support reuse, consistency, integrity and shareability. Metadata management also extends into SOA projects with service registries and application development repositories. Metadata also plays a role in operations management with CMDB initiatives.

Does your metadata look like this?

A 'real'archipelago

Look at these three members of the Society Islands (sorry, but Bora Bora was too far away to include).  Once upon a time, they were completely separated from each other.  Over time, the reefs have built up around them, and the reefs have joined up, except for the island of Huahine at the bottom, which is currently too isolated to be connected.  Given more time, could Huahine also become part of the connected archipelago?

The Metadata Archipelago – a typical organisation’s view

This simplified diagram illustrates the potential complexity of metadata, and the many interrelationships.  Any large organisation that fails to take advantages of the synergies to be made by managing this metadata effectively will be at risk of losing their competitive advantage.  It’s a big job to tackle it all at once – the key thing is to concentrate on the metadata that provides the best and quickest value, which may be knowing which databases support your current enterprise process improvement program, or managing the data handled by your new SOA initiative.

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  1. Chris Redding Says:

    Well I really liked reading it. This subject procured by you is very helpful for accurate planning.

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