Please vote for your favourite data modelling tool, whatever it is #PowerDesigner #ERwin #Idera #ERStudio

The people at ERwin pay a lot more attention than some other vendors do to promoting their product, including asking their users to vote for them in various polls or awards. Currently they’re asking their users to vote for ERwin in the “Readers’ Choice Awards” for Database Trends and Applications.

The following data modelling tools are listed in the poll –
PremiumSoft Navicat Data Modeler, Dell Toad Data Modeler, IDERA ER/Studio, ERwin, TimeXtender, SAP PowerDesigner.

That’s an interesting selection of tools, partly due to the absence of any tool from IBM, and also because there are two I’ve barely even heard of.

Voting closes on May 20th, so make sure to vote for your favourite modelling tool, whatever it is. My message is the same as it is to every registered voter in the UK today (lots of elections on in the UK today) – cast your vote and be heard!

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Want to increase blog readership? Just mention #ERwin!

Looking back through my blog statistics, there are some very obvious spikes. I can’t say that these postings were ‘popular’, or that they went viral, but they do show up on the graph. What those spikes have in common is the topic – it’s ERwin, CA’s data modelling tool. I must make sure all my ER/Studio and PowerDesigner blog postings mention ERwin in some way :).