My #PowerDesigner book is on special offer – save $30 or $35

The print edition has been reduced by $30, and the PDF edition has been reduced by $35.

The book was written for PowerDesigner 16.0 – we’re now on 16.7 but it’s still fundamentally the same product, so you can be confident that the book is still both reliable and relevant!

Click on to check it out

I do like adding narration to my #PowerDesigner online training – it helps to have the right equipment :)

Today I had to re-record part of my first online PowerDesigner training course, and then decided to re-record the narration for one slide – it really helps when you have the right software and equipment (once you’ve figured out how to use them, of course).

Having the right equipment (smaller)

#LinkedIn is a really useful tool, so why don’t people use it better?

Don’t you find that some people just don’t know how to use Linked In properly? Here’s an example – this morning someone from a company selling Data Quality software sent me this Linked In message:

I’m writing this email to introduce our innovative Data Quality Software products that help you maintain clean and accurate data and also helps you to comply with the GDPR & CCPA acts.
The capabilities of our products are:
• DQAM and DQRM: Analyze, track, and resolve your data quality issues
• SDD: Discovers & protects sensitive data of your business and avoids hefty fines imposed by the applicable privacy laws.
Explore more capabilities of our products @
I would like to explore more benefits that exist with our data quality products. Please let us know your availability for a quick intro call

What a complete waste of their time and mine – why didn’t they spend 5 seconds on linked In, just to see how many employees my company has? A company with one employee is not going to buy Data Quality software!