If you want #PowerDesigner to provide support for MongoDB as well as JSON

The SAP PowerDesigner Product Group is considering a request (CR 742011) to provide direct support for MongoDB in PowerDesigner.

If this is something you’re really looking forward to to, follow this link to the Knowledge Base article – https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/1877090 – now click the star in the top-left corner to mark it as a Favourite to be automatically notified when the enhancement is implemented. Marking it as a favourite also acts as a kind of unofficial opinion poll.

I’ve added a video to demonstrate the #PowerDesigner “Ultimate Parents” model extension

If you’re in a noisy office or a coffee bar, you may need the captions – click on the CC button to see captions in English

To find out more about the extension, please see Work smarter with #PowerDesigner – automating the “Ultimate Parent entity” – model extension now available