#PowerDesigner Tips and tricks – a brain dump from years of experience starts today

Over the years that I’ve been using PowerDesigner, I’ve stashed away a large number of useful nuggets of information, most of which I wish could have been downloaded into my brain when I worked on that first Conceptual Data Model (this was before Sybase added the Logical Data Model to the tool). Anybody who knows me well will not be surpised at all when I say that I’m using a PowerDesigner  Requirements Model to document my tips. Here’s a snippet:

RQM - snippet of Tips

Watch this space for a steady trickle of tips and tricks for PowerDesigner users.

I might sneak in a few for ERwin or ER/Studio as well.

2 Responses to “#PowerDesigner Tips and tricks – a brain dump from years of experience starts today”

  1. Michelle Poolet Says:

    Wow — you’ve been with PDES forever! I’ll bet your customer number is in the single digits! Happy that you’re willing to share, looking forward to your learnlets.

    • George McGeachie Says:

      I first used PowerDesigner 11 – at ISUGTECH a couple of years ago, a conference attendee showed me the copy of PowerDesigner 6 that he’s still using. It was obviously PowerDesigner, but looked really old-fashioned. 🙂

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