If you missed the webcast I did with Steve Hoberman, follow this …

If you missed the ‘Data Modeling Made Simple’ webcast I did with Steve Hoberman a while ago, you can access it via the new ‘My PowerDesigner’ web site – http://www.mypowerdesigner.com/resource-library/webcasts-podcasts/. You’ll need to fill in a form to access it.

Added on December 28th, 2011 – you can also access it without filling out a form, here – http://www.information-management.com/web_seminars/-10021188-1.html

Download a chapter of the PD book for free

The new My PowerDesigner web site includes a page where you can download a free copy of chapter 9 of our book, entitled “What Can PowerDesigner Do For Me?” – http://www.mypowerdesigner.com/free-chapter-download. The page also includes my first ever appearance on a web video!

If you like what you see, and want a 20% discount on the book, check out the ‘Success Stories’ page (amongst others) where there’s a link to the book publisher’s web site, and a discount code to use when you get there. Don’t follow the link in the PD newsletter email, which directs you to Amazon, which is more expensive.


PD book is aimed at ALL PD users

Sorry to keep harping on about the PowerDesigner book, but I forgot to point out that we organised the chapters to separate the introduction to data modelling from the introduction to PowerDesigner. This allows users of other PowerDesigner models to concentrate on the PD-specific material, hopefully making the book useful to a wider audience. I do use data models in all the ‘your turn’ sections and exercises, but I’m sure that process modellers and enterprise architects can cope with that. 🙂

The book is shipping now – comments welcomed

Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner” is now being shipped. I haven’t seen it yet myself – my copies are still in transit.

The book is not a reference manual that tells you everything you could possibly want to know about PowerDesigner, for several reasons:

  • the words ‘made simple’ in the title
  • you’re all intelligent people, and sometimes you just need to know how and when to access a feature; you don’t need blow-by-blow instructions on how to use it
  • nobody would want to pay for a 2,000 page book on PowerDesigner
  • I wouldn’t want to spend another 10 months writing
  • The PowerDesigner documentation is better than most, and makes great reference material if you need to find out more about a particular topic – the book adds a narrative that no product documentation will supply

I’d welcome any feedback on the structure and content, for future editions.

It’s a large book, so I’m afraid it’s not cheap. You can save 20% if you order at http://www.technicspub.com/product.sc?productId=29&categoryId=1 – using code PD20Promo at the checkout.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get back into the normal working world, and go and earn some money – suggestions also welcome!

Thanks for attending my PD session today – now available on Slideshare

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s session of the PowerDesigner EMEA virtual user group, “What can PowerDesigner Do For Me?”.  The presentation is available from Slideshare.