Help with OAGIS schemas, anyone?

I know of a company embarking on an integration initiative.  They’d like to build their own enterprise LDM, and ‘magically’ map it to the OAGIS message schemas. That’ll probably mean that they can’t magically create or update the XML schemas, but they would like to manage a single XML model if they can, mapped to all the XSDs, and use it to regenerate XSDs when they change.

That means they’d have to reverse-engineer a single XML model from the OAGIS schemas, and map it back to those schemas.  Has anyone tried this?

Poor Data Quality prevents a strike

Lack of attention to data quality has cost the RMT (signal workers) union dearly.  They had planned to hold a national rail strike in the UK, but Network Rail found flaws in their ballot, and on April 2nd the High Court ruled that the strike could not go ahead.   Network Rail had claimed that the irregularities affected almost 300 votes or potential votes in the ballot.  The irregularities are all issues of data quality, though their impact on the ballot outcome is variable:

• Balloting 11 signal boxes that have been closed for years, including one destroyed by arson

• Recording more votes than employees in 67 locations

• Failing to ballot 26 workplaces involving 100 staff

• Balloting 12 locations where staff were ineligible to vote

The union claim on their web sitethat Network Rail may have provided the High Court with false information today in their efforts to convince the Court of their case“.  Hmm, does that just point to more bad data at the RMT?

See,,, for more.

IT must take its own medicine

Do these statements make sense to you?

while IT has been busy driving business value by eliminating repetitive, manual tasks from the rest of the enterprise, it has allowed its own department to continue to be plagued with them.


what IT needs now is to bring the same type of task automation it has installed throughout the rest of the enterprise into its own area.”

Whether they make sense or not, I suggest you take a look at Information Management magazine’s recent article on the subject, “It’s Time for IT to Drink Its Own Kool-Aid”, by Dan Wilhelms.  I’ll have to find out what Kool-Aid is (we don’t have it here in the UK), but I’m sure I’ll agree with the analogy.  IT must take its own medicine (see my first ever post).

Subterranean Computing

My thanks go to Jim Harris for his fascinating insight into the latest IT buzzword.  See his blog.

“Instead of beaming your data up into the cloud, bury your data down underground.”

“Industry Analyst Lirpa Sloof has recently reported rumors are circulating that Larry Ellison of Oracle is planning on announcing the first Cloud-Subterranean hybrid computing platform at the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 conference”